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What Is Rebranding & When Is The Right Time To Do It?

First things first. Let us understand what rebranding is. “Rebranding” is the process by which an already established organization changes it’s old identifiable factors to a new one. These factors might include the logo, name, design or concept of a particular company.

A company or a brand generally opts for rebranding when it wishes to create a different identity of itself, to its customers, to the contenders, and to the stakeholders as well.

That being said, you must also know that rebranding is a long and tedious process. The procedure might leave you frustrated at times because once you begin, there’s no going back!

But you can avoid some hassle with the help of Branding agency Houston for example, you can get help planning procedures of rebranding.

When To Rebrand If Your Business Is Houston-based ?

If you want to make your business stand out from the contenders in Houston, following are the ways in which you can rebrand your company:

1. Your brand is facing a fierce competition

The consumer market is an accumulation of the needs and wants of the people. So, your brand or company has to be dynamic as well as versatile. And on top of that, the market is filled with such companies trying to meet up with the customers’ pace.

Hence, you have to face challenging conditions, failing which might cause a fall in demand for your products or services. Therefore, to cope up with such a situation, rebranding is a good solution.

Changing the overall appearance of a brand might get the attention of the consumers.

Products launched in Houston under the new brand name gives the consumers the second choice in the market. And a consistent good-quality product will be successful in capturing the market once again!

2. Your Company Is Undergoing A Merger

An essential need for rebranding comes when you decide to merge your business with another company. In that case, you will have to come to terms with policies that suffice the interest of both parties.

After the merging process, every product and service launched will be of a newly formed brand. This brand might have a better reach than both of the old companies had individually.

3. When You Are Aiming To Capture A New Market

Suppose you are successfully running a mobile business for the past ten years. So, it is quite obvious that you will have a keen knowledge of the market and its consumers. And as a successful company today, you have changed your products to smartphones as per the trends. 

This is the market at its heart. It changes and runs according to the taste of the consumers. Getting a new brand name at this point will help you a lot to entice clients of the new market.

Moreover, trends and preferences have changed significantly, and you need to pace up with those to function successfully in the competition.

4. A Change In The Framework Of Your Company

Since the time you established your company in Houston under a brand name, there has been a particular framework or arrangement of your company. It has helped you to maintain the workflow of the organization.

But as times have changed, that framework became too old and rigid due to new developments.

Therefore, when you are changing the structure of your company, make sure to go for rebranding. This is because the organization might now be more popular for some other products or services, which is completely different from previous strategy.

Therefore, to compete in the market, the company should be versatile enough to change its framework and adapt to a new one to survive.


These are four of the many reasons why rebranding becomes necessary in certain situations. Along with introducing a new entity, you also have the opportunity to enter the market and outrun the competitors with your new products and services. Although a very lengthy and risky task, which involves a lot of paperwork and planning, rebranding is a way to newly start an idea to a greater radius of consumers.

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Do Brochure Designs Really Boost Sales - Amtechhub, Houston

Do Brochure Designs Really Boost Sales?

For the success of any business, the marketing strategy adopted by the company plays a huge role. Your policy should be user-friendly to encourage customers to make new purchases without them feeling any pressure. Allow customers to choose their desired products by subtly sharing your offerings. An easy and captivating way of sharing details about your brand is through great brochure designs.

A brochure is a leaflet that contains details about your brand, a list of products and services offered, along with your contact details.

In this article, we will share the role brochures play in increasing your sales and revenues.

First, we will start by sharing the importance of brochures in promoting your business. Followed by that, we will share five expert tips on how to create eye-catching brochure designs for your brand.

Why Are Brochures Essential In Advertising To Boost Your Sales?

Brochure Designs - Amtechhub, Houston

  • Compared to other mediums of advertising, this is a cost-effective alternative.
  • Brochures allow you to directly communicate with your potential target customers.
  • Attract new customers to your brand with engaging and captivating brochure designs.
  • You can share important details about your brand subtly.
  • Provides you an opportunity to receive instant feedback from your audience.
  • With this marketing option, you can promote yourself with a personalized touch.

How To Use Brochure Designs To Increase Your Business Sales?

1. Your Brochure Design Can Make Your Brand Stand Out To The Audience

Similar to other marketing tools, the brochure for your brand is an extension of your business identity. So when working on brochure designs, one should remember to keep their design within the same parameters as your brand logo, letterhead, and business card.

By following a similar color story, you can make your brochure more identifiable to your customers.

2. Artistic Elements Help Catch The Immediate Attention Of Viewers

When planning the layout of a brochure for your brand, strive to include creative details like different shapes, fonts, and colors. These aesthetic elements will elevate the overall look of your brochure and help you gain the reader’s attention.

So whenever possible, incorporate eye-catching pictures, attractive fonts, and other artistic components into your design.

3. Pay Extra Focus To The Cover Page; Make It Captivating

The cover page is the face of your brochure, and therefore it should have fascinating appeal. It will encourage your viewers to read through the shared information about your brand and the offered products and services.

For your brochure design, you can hire branding agency Houston to create an attractive layout, complete with essential details like your logo and contact details.

4. Attain A Balance Between Engaging Content & Alluring Visuals

Another important aspect when designing your brochure is establishing a pleasant balance between information and diagrammatic representations.

Excess of text or infographics can cause readers to deviate. So when you are deciding the layout of your brochure, try to maintain an equilibrium between textual and visual data to come up with an attractive design.

5. Design Your Brochure By Keeping Your Target Audience In Mind

Businesses looking to boost their sales by advertising through brochures should design them to target their core audience.

For example, the Brochure Designs for kid’s toy stores should have bright and colorful drawings and illustrations, whereas for a mechanic shop, a clean and sophisticated layout.

So, plan out your design accordingly and boost your sales.


We hope that this blog has helped you understand the importance of brochures for advertising your brand. If you want to create one, incorporate the tips we have shared, and you will be able to come up with an eye-catching result that relays all the desired information to your readers.

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How To Create Effective Brand Consistency - Amtechhub, Houston

How To Create Effective Brand Consistency?

In the world of digital marketing, companies try to maintain their brand consistency through the right marketing strategies. It is challenging to enhance & maintain brand identity and value in the market. It requires marketing strategy, understanding, practices and continuous efforts to maintain the brand image for a long-term.

You can take your brand to the next level with the help of Houston Branding Agency. With the right mind, creativity, marketing skills and efforts, you can build your brand’s identity worldwide and can maintain a good position in the market.

Maintaining brand consistency in the market is tough but not impossible.

Yes, there is tough competition in the market and the competition will always grow every year. You can manage to hold the position of your brand in the market by understanding what brand consistency is and how you can make it more effective.

What Is Brand Consistency?

Brand consistency is like delivering messages which present the brand logo, colors, tone, design etc in a similar way to create an identity in the market. It helps to create a consistent brand identity among the population to be easily recognizable.

Every brand has its unique brand message that helps them to connect with the target audience. This helps your brand to grow in the market, encouraging your target audience to buy from you.

Strategies To Create Effective Brand Consistency

1. Make easily accessible brand guidelines

To establish brand consistency, a solid brand guideline that can help the marketing department to use the perfect brand voice. Easy-to-understand branding guidelines can help to guide the employees of your company to ensure your brand communicates to the world.

Pro tip: Digital assets and brand portals can be created, for employees, to give easy access to the branding guidelines.

2. Use marketing calendar

Planning in advance can save you time as well as keeping a track of your campaigns and other events is an effective method for great marketing. Using a planning tool will not only save your time but it will also keep things sorted for employees.

You can schedule emails and social media posts in advance. With the past records of campaign performance, you can adjust and improve the future campaigns. The marketing calendar can give you an overview of everything you did, each step and the results.

3. Provide branding resources

To engage your potential customers with your brand, you might want to create the right branding resources for marketing. Provide your staff with branding resources such as logo, fonts, graphics, templates, color palette, etc to keep the consistency.

4. Communicate with your team

Have meetings with your team, share your plan with them, and help them understand the importance of brand consistency. Maintaining consistency and brand authenticity highly depends on the internal and external communications.

5. Establish your brand’s message

Make sure you understand your company’s mission and values. Your brand message should be about your brand’s mission, what your brand offers/promises and what your brand is about. The customers will trust your brand If your actions match with your brand message. To maintain consistency, brand authenticity should be maintained.

6. Repurpose the content

Your brand will seem more defined if you reuse the past content in new ways. Repurposing the old content in different and new forms will make it seem more consistent which will be beneficial for branding.

7. Understand your brand’s mission

Understand the core values of your brand and help your staff understand the core values and the mission. This is how you will be able to maintain the consistency of your brand.

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We have given some effective ideas to create brand consistency in this article. To get the best branding solutions from the best branding agency Houston, write to Amtechhub reachus@amtechhub.com