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5 Website Design Tips To Increase Conversions

The number of active websites in the world right now is around 1.5 billion.

Though most business owners work hard to improve their online presence, their conversion rate is still not what they want it to be. Since there is so much competition on the internet, it might seem impossible to get constant sales. Before we dive into some website design tips that can help you get high conversion rates, let’s understand the basic meaning of a conversion rate.

What Exactly Does Conversion Rate Mean?

5 Website Design Tips For Increasing Online Conversions - Amtechhub

In simple words, conversion rate is the total percentage of users that buy something from your website. In other words, it lets you know the number of people who took the actions that you wanted out of the total number of visitors.

With the correct marketing strategy and practical website design tips, you can easily improve your brand revenue. Let’s talk about some amazing website design tips to take your conversion rate through the roof.

5 Website Design Tips For Increasing Online Conversions


1. The graphics on your website have to be jaw-dropping

When you are thinking about the web design for your brand, you need to think about things that will attract clients instantly. Adding stunning visuals throughout the website is a great way to keep clients engaged for a long time.

If you are not sure about the graphics, you can always hire the experts to help you find great images.

2. Your website needs to be faster so you don’t lose a potential client’s attention

More than 45% of visitors expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds.

The attention span of internet users is decreasing day by day which means they lack patience when it comes to visiting a brand’s website. Even if your website has amazing visuals and interesting content, it has to be super fast so clients engage with it more.

If you wish to do well in SEO, you need to have a web design that doesn’t compromise on speed in return for good features.

3. You can never go wrong with a simple web design that does its job well

Most times, potential client’s often become frustrated with complex web design that has unnecessary features. If you ask any experts, they will tell you to follow the K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid) principle to design your website.

The easier it is for visitors to navigate through your website, the higher the possibility of you getting better conversion rates.

4. Learn how to make the most out of the negative spaces on your website

Negative spaces refer to the blank or white spaces present in your brand’s website design. Though negative spaces are considered bad by business owners, one of the best website design tips is to use these spaces to your benefit.

As web visitors often seem to focus on these blanks, you can put some elements that will directly improve your conversion rate.

Adding CTA buttons is one of the best ways to make full use of the negative spaces that are littered around your website.

5. Conversion rates can be improved with continuous efforts on web design

One of the most useful website design tips is that you cannot expect to have a perfect site in one go. Nor can you expect to get a boost in sales with just one month of promotion.

Increasing conversion rates is not a process that can be done in a month or a year. If you face some issues with the website, you can always hire experts.

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To Sum It Up

These are all the most effective website design tips that we have for you in this article. We hope that these will allow you to convert customers faster and get more sales easily.

If you are still not sure about certain web design aspects, call Amtechhub, the best web design company, Houston right away!

5 Tips For Creating Great Website Design In 2021 - Amtechhub, Houston

5 Tips For Creating Great Website Design In 2021

More than 35% of web visitors won’t interact with a website that is not attractive.

If you still believe that the design of your website doesn’t matter, you are clearly not aware of the latest marketing trends. No matter which industry you are in, the website design you have can decide the future of your company in the market.

Some Website Design Trends That Might Take Over 2021

Some Website Design Trends That Might Take Over 2021 - Amtechhub, Houston

  • Use of dark themes on the website pages
  • Include 3D elements in the website design
  • Videos as backgrounds for your webpages
  • Inclusion of neon colours in the website colour scheme
  • Applying the concept of “Anti-design” while creating the website
  • Making use of photos and graphics on the website

Tips To Help You Create A Good Website Design In 2021

Tips To Help You Create A Good Website Design In 2021 - Amtechhub, Houston

1. It’s better to start by creating a design plan

Like everything else in life, a good website design is created when you jot down a proper plan for making one. If you decide to hire a website design company, you still have to have a basic idea of what you want the site to look like.

You should think about all the pages you want to include, SEO features, etc to make sure the website designing is started properly. This plan will make it easier for you to keep track of every requirement you have regarding the website design.

2. Make the site easier for the user to browse through

Having complicated navigation might look good to you as the website owner, but the visitors won’t like to see such a website. The website design has to be easy, so your audience can find what they need in a short time.

Making navigation easier also means that doing things on your website doesn’t take long. Navigation should also be organized in such a way that it doesn’t make the website look messy.

3. The website design has to be mobile usage optimized

Considering that more than 80% of the people have a smartphone these days, you cannot ignore optimizing your web design for mobiles. It’s not about the look of your site on mobile, but you have to think about the overall experience of the visitors.

Make sure that the website design stays somewhat consistent on all kinds of devices. Making your site optimized for mobiles is just another great tactic to make your website more professional.

4. Learn the need for adding call-to-action phrases in content

Call-to-action is not about directing users to your buying page at any chance you get. But that also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote your business on the website.

If you ask any expert website design company, you will understand that these phrases should only be added when they help to answer a customer query.

The main goal is to educate your consumers, and also market your services to them at the same time.

5. Designing is all about trying and getting help when needed

Don’t think that you will get the most suitable web design for your business on the first try. Designs of any sort are bound to change and improve over a period of time.

You might have to make minor and even major changes in your web design regularly to bring out its best version, both in terms of designing & user-experience.


The main aim of this guide is to enable you to come up with a website design that will take your popularity through the sky and generate more revenue. We hope that this allows you to understand that there is nothing to be intimidated about when it comes to creating a good website design.

If you are looking for a web design company that will take your vision and create a design that you will love, then you should read this guide on how to hire the right designing company.

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Also read: 5 Tips For Creating Great Website Design In 2021

5 Ways Website Designing Services Make Your Website User-Friendly | Amtechhub, Houston

5 Ways Website Designing Services Make Your Website User-Friendly

In general, a user takes around 15 seconds to decide if they are interested in your website or not.

Considering that, you have way less than even a second to grab a user’s attention and convert them into a client. To be able to do that- there is no denying that you need a fantastic website that attracts viewers. Best website designing services is what you need to get that one-of-a-kind website for your business.

What Stops A Website From Becoming User-Friendly?

  • The website is difficult to navigate or browse through
  • The website layout is not appealing
  • It contains links that are broken or unreachable
  • The website design is poor and doesn’t have a good visual impact
  • The website takes forever to load pages and process user input
  • The content on the website is not informational or interesting

How Professional Website Design Services Make Your Website User-Friendly?

1. Experts create a customized design for your business

Website designing services - Experts create customized design

A company that offers website designing services specializes in creating a website that suits your business’s aim and vision. They make it a task to thoroughly study your business and the services you wish to offer to your customers.

As a result, they create a website that specifically caters to your business and shows your unique presence in the market. 

2. Using all the latest technologies to design the website

Using all the latest technologies to design the website - website designing services | Amtechhub

If you don’t have enough designing experience and try to make a website, you might end up using tools that are outdated. It could be a smart choice to go for website designing services for small business so you can survive in a competitive market. They can use the latest inventions and technologies to give you the best website for your business.

3. The website has to be visually appealing – experts know how to make that happen

The website has to be visually appealing - experts know how to make that happen

As we stated at the start, you don’t get a lot of time to make an impact on the visitor. A website that is good to look at is the first step to ensure the visitor spends more time on the page.

An agency or company that offers the best website designing services will help you design it. A website that has a nice visual is sure to promote your business well to potential clients.

4. You don’t have to worry about maintaining the website

You don’t have to worry about maintaining the website - web designing services | Amtechhub

Website designing services don’t only include creating a website but also providing maintenance for the same. You won’t have to stress about updating the website as you will have experts to do that for you.

This way, you can focus more on other aspects like improving content, promoting it, etc. Having constant support will make it easier for you to manage the website. 

5. Designers also create an optimized website that attracts clients

Designers also create an optimized website that attracts clients - website designing services | Amtechhub

SEO is one of the most essential parts of marketing these days and an expert in providing website designing services can also take care of that for you. Their created website design is also optimized to be found by search engines and by potential clients.

At the end of the day, they help you to gain attention which is what you need to ensure success as a business owner.


In this article, we talked about the need to get the best website designing services for your business. We hope this helps you understand what makes a website less user-friendly and how hiring a website design services expert can help you.

It’s important to keep user comfort in mind while designing your website, which is what website design experts do.

If you too want to boost your business with a user-friendly website that your potential customers would love, then you can get in touch with us at reachus@amtechhub.com

Your business deserves the best. That is why we are providing you with the best website designing services to make sure business is an instant hit in the market.